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July 25, 2012


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A jane lover

Jane Schulak did it again!!! She inspired me to become a more art oriented person! She has the best artistic taste! I would love to meet were and get to know her better! She is a person worth worshiping and learning more about!!! I love Jane Schulak! I wish I were related to her so I could be as tasteful as she is with her clothes and designs! Jane seems like such amazing women! If I were a man I would want to take her out on a date to some where great and French! Only the best for Jane! Jane is the best! A stellar women!

A jane lover

I am A jane Schulak Admirer! She rocks my word with her intelligence! I'm so happy she was born... without her knowledge a life is incomplete! Jane is my ultimate Art hero! I have posters of her work all over my walls!


I have seen janes blogs and think that she is incredibly smart and detailed oriented! I have never seen a more intelligent, smart, sophisticated and artful women. I love Jane schulak. She is a real Gem! She is so incredible and hard working!

Melinda MeMe Anderson

I know Jane and she is the best!!! She is kind, intelligent and lovely..."smart as a whip" and super cultured. She and David rock! When the both of them put their heads together, watch out!

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