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February 09, 2012


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Judith keller

Wow! What a fabulous design. The bar Mitzvah boy must have been thrilled. How generous of his family to have donated the equipment to where it's so needed after the party.

David Stark

It's something that we and our clients think about a lot . . . the afterlife of "stuff." Why not have others enjoy it?

Thanks for your feedback, Judith. We love comments. Keep 'em coming.



Love it and the fact that the family donated the equipment afterwards is just great!


How do you get the foam fingers to stand up & not fall down from weight of place cards? How does the place card stay in the foam finger?


Dana, I was wondering the same thing. David?


I've looked online & i cant find these foam fingers anywhere! Can you please tell me where to find them?

Alison Goldberg

I have been trying to find the foam fingers and can't figure out where to purchase them. Did the placecards get taped on or was there a slot in the finger that it slides in. So curious how to do something like this. But definitely need help finding the foam fingers. They don't look like the samples I received from different companies that are in a sponge material. Thanks for the help.

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