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January 19, 2012


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I think Option 1 is the most fitting. It is clean and modern, but still unique


i'd go for the option 4,those lines imitate the beauty of the tree's layers.


Option 4 is unique & still clean enough with an oz of slick--plus it doesn't create an optical illusion that option 1 tends to do. Good luck!


1.is easiest on the eyes, but like a broadway production...not like a logo, actually, none of them are much like a logo...more like stationary/signage.
2.has the most potential for future uses and manipulations. my fav.
3.drop the shadows...likeable and will work on anything.
4.very pretty, but more like a poster/see #1.
5.I would like this the best, but more time should be spent on spacing/sizing the first two lines...somethings not right, otherwise it's pretty good for that hi-lo aesthetic.

looking forward to the shop opening!!! please put me on the mailing list!

DeAnne Millais

I'm digging #4. ;)


Loving #5!

Angel Dormer

I like option 2 and 4!!


I like #1 and #5. Can't wait-put me on the mailing list. xx peggybraswelldesign.com

sam yi

option 2!

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