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June 06, 2011


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peggy braswell

clapping has not stopped for Spencer and your whole team. Amazing! xx peggybraswelldesign.com

david stark

Thanks, Peggy. You are so kind to spread your positive cheer. We love it.



it is easy to decorate with money, to buy "those things" and "those things" are special and do look amazing. . .but when the envelope is pushed on the creative element and the amazing is in the mental evolution of the decorating theme. . .we, the guests, the "on-lookers" seek and find that which is out of our everyday visual stimulization and "delight" in awe of what we see. . .DS team you are talent unannounced and I love that!!!

But now that you are all sooooooooo famous. . .the announcement is out there and to "out-do" yourselves is the challege of the project. . .the leap. . .and the curtain rises!!

david stark

WOW -- so kind of you, Glinda. What a lovely response. Yes! I am so aware of constantly pushing ourselves to reach new heights. I never want to make the same painting twice -- for the clients and for me! We're gonna keep on keepin' on. ON that you can depend.

Keep giving us feedback.


Scott Hohl

This room blew my mind. And without blowing the client's budget. Very well done. I have seen your team's creativity and "elbow grease" in action before. I was impressed then, and am impressed now. Thank you for sharing David.

david stark

You are kind, Scott. Thanks so much for the nice words. We design for people to interact with the spaces. We did an event the other night, and someone said to me: "The people are destroying your look. You can't see every detail all at once." But that's hog wash. The spaces are made for people to be IN. They only come alive when they are populated. And it is only interesting if details reveal themselves over time.

We are not designing ghost towns!!!



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woww.. I am speechless after seeing you work.Your magic can be seen in ur work. It is fantastic. You have done a great job.


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Swami Prakashanand Saraswati

Morocco! The lanterns, the rugs, the spices, the tents..lovely! I would've enjoyed a lot, if I've been there.

Kay Allison

What a lovely setting you created! I am from Santa Fe, NM and we are hosting a Bollywood themed gala this coming spring. I am responsible for verbiage for our invitations, auction item descriptions and general PR for our event that will raise funds for our tuition assistance program at Santa Fe Preparatory School and college preparatory initiative for under served youth through the Break Through Foundation. If you have any suggestions or examples of the materials you used for your event I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Roisin Laskin

I'm planning an event for my son and searching the web for ideas (doing it on my own). Was shocked to find that most of the images I feel in love with …were yours. Your design is so fresh and unique, clearly pushing boundaries. Your use of materials, for those of us on a modest budget, shows that design is about creatively looking at what is in front of you. Your event designs always seem to evoke such strong emotion….this event in particular was so magical. Could only imagine the reaction from the attendees. Thank you for sharing your brilliant work.

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