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May 31, 2011


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Wow this pieces of art are mind blowing...I just love them..
Well nice one..Really interesting..I like this type of post..It create charm after reading..Thanks

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Well when I see a sculpture out in the world, it feels foreign to the landscape....Really interesting..I like this type of post..It create charm after reading..Thanks

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All the pictures above are mind blowing, I saw each and every picture thrice. Very unique and beautiful! Loved the blog. Thanks for sharing!

Just Energy

WOW!INCREDIBLE!At first look at the pictures of those sheep they seemed to be alive to me..awesome work!I can understand that after actually visiting here everyone will fall in love with these creations...it will definitely will create a great impact on anyone's mind.Thanks for such wonderful piece of work.

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The Art Basel Miami Beach fair and its satellite bacchanalian revelry entail a volcanic explosion of commotion, leaving visitors utterly winded and slightly charred!!

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This golden statue are really looking awesome.. I may actually like the piece quite a bit but it rarely feels site specific to me....

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These sculptures are looking just amazing.
You have shared very nice images from exhibition at Fairchild.
I loved this images.

Residential MD

I would say these are the glimpse from heaven!!
Beauty of the pics is really eccentric.

The National Benefit Authority

lovely pics.... i realy like this type of post... it gives me inspiration to draw this types of pics...

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Nice post.. this golden statues really looking awesome..i fond of this type of pictures..good work

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