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July 07, 2010


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Andy Marcus

You guys knock it out of the park every time! Amazing work.

Peggy Bellar

Cake, gateau, torta, Kek, ciasto,.... Ummm cake is always good. Cake + David Stark = something even more.

david stark

thanks, guys. So SWEET of you -- all puns intended. :)


Erin Henshaw

I can't think of a better combination than amazing art that tastes incredible...I can see where this inspiration comes from. *Good cupcakes and cake are some of my favorite desserts and enjoy following your blog almost as much! If I ever save up enough money, it would be my dream for you all to decorate a party/fundraiser for me.
-Erin Henshaw

Luciano Rocha

Amazing Cakes! Just great! I want a piece!
Luciano Rocha


Love Caitlin Freeman's Mondrian Cake! She is so talented.

Tania McCartney

David, you and your team are truly extraordinary. And as for your pop up flower shop - well, I lay down and die. When can I come work for you? Tania x

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