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December 23, 2009


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Bonnie Schwartz

Love it. Maybe the corner store is among our earliest memories of interacting with commerce? We had two by the house I grew up in, one around the corner (where I embarked on my earliest bouts of petty thievery, snatching the candy that was below eye level of the owner but exactly at the level of my own sticky fingers), the other across a busy street. I remember the first guiltily, the second with some awe and reverence, as its door was up a few stairs and the combination of crossing a busy street and climbing the steep front stairs made my arrival there feel in some way special and ceremonial. Plus it was one of those places that had penny candies in jars (what's better than penny candy in jars?) and was run by bona fide French people rather than English speakers (this was in a mostly English suburb of Montreal). We called it "the French store," and it was very very special. Long live the corner store.

david stark

Here here!!!



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