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March 27, 2009


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Thanks for your kind words, Ryan.



David, your work is inspiring and your executions ingenious. the paper topiaries from the West Elm install (which I had seen in print last year as well) are incredible as well. it's amazing to see what a little creativity and inventiveness can make, no matter what the budget and materials available.


Thanks, Tania. I really appreciate your feedback. You know, the financial problems of the world are certainly not what I desire or wish for, but it has been very interesting to have to think differently and "change the rules of the game."

I guess we like to think of the world as a little art project!!!

Keep commenting, ok?




Oh, this is just stunning. I love fonts too! The banners remind me of a jousting tournament and the votives are out of this world. So clever and right for the occasion.

Changzhi Lee

This is simply fantabulous! Graphic design and typography mixed into an event :D What a way to bring words and typefaces to life!


Thanks, guys!!! I think the MET Opera is going to sell some of the luminaries in their gift shop! It's not something I would have ever thought of, but as soon as they said it, it made total sense to me.

I look forward to finding other opportunities to explore this concept more. Thanks for the great feedback. You guys make me feel like there is more creativity territory to mine here.

Keep your comments comin', ok?




Such incredible use of text. And I am loving the color palette as well. Just found you via Ginny Carter Smallenburg and I look forward to digging into your site.


Thanks, Seth. WELCOME! Glad you found us. Tell me what you think as your peruse "our aisles." :)


Kelly Oshiro

I love the use of re-appropriated materials. I just sent the link to a book artist friend...

david stark

Thanks, Kelly, for spreading the word and sharing the love.



Jen Jafarzadeh

Looks amazing, David! I love how you always razzle dazzle using simple materials and concepts. So inspiring!


Thanks, Jen. And everyone: GO CHECK OUT JEN's FANTASTIC BLOG: www.thehaystackneedleonline.com.

I love it!!!!



Luzel @ iDiY

Amazing work, Mr. Stark! Thank you so much for sharing. As a self-confessed fontgeek, this is truly inspiring. I hope you don't mind that I've posted this on my blog. Now off to check the rest of your archives. Cheers!


What a spectacular installation... You have taken my breath away! roxanne


Thanks for turning out all the responses, gang!!! You guys rock. Keep the feedback coming . . .



Jessica C

This is beautiful!! And I love how economical it is. Can I ask what the luminarias are propped up on?


I'm in design and type heaven. amazing

lets get married and have style babies. ok kidding, maybe just a crazy good letterpressed invite and we'll call it a day.




this is beautiful. i'm going to try to re-create at my gastby-era, art-deco inspired wedding in september on the long island sound.

your work is so inspiring.

thank you, katie

david stark

FABULOUS! You have to send us pictures, ok?!

Congratulations on your wedding in advance.





plz share your secret to covering the cylinders - I shouldn't assume that they are covered but I'm truly hoping that they are and that you could share the best way to pull this off.

this is my 1st visit to your site and already I'm amazed at the creativity shown!



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