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December 23, 2008


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You have truly inspired me... Can't wait until next year!


Thanks for your sweet response, Gigi. Keep giving us your thoughts.



Heather Moore

You did ALL THAT in one year? Your work is totally breathtaking, and the amount you've achieved is just jaw dropping. Congratulations! I love the look of that campfire scene with the log benches and bear, and also that typography made up with spools of thread. Gorgeous!


You are sweet, Heather. Thanks for the nice words.

And right back at you on the fine work and accomplishments. I really admire what you are doing too.


Pilar Peña

Hi David, your work is absolutely amazing. I'm an owner of a small event planning business and would love to pick your brain as to how you have become so succesful in the field. Do you by chance grant informational interviews?

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