About David

When I was in art school, I had no idea that I would become an Event Designer.

      I didn't even know the job title "Event Designer" existed, let alone that I could make a career out of it! I am happy to report that an art career is alive and kicking in the form of parties and events.
      People often ask me if I still paint. When I say "No," a truly sad puppy dog reply is certain.
      "Oh, that's really too bad," they sigh.
      Honestly, it's not "bad" at all... IT'S AWESOME! It's BETTER THAN PAINTING and I am lucky enough to have the most fabulous creative opportunities creating installations and environments for the world's most acclaimed art museums, foundations, corporatlons and private individuals. They just happen to be art installations for parties rather than art hanging on the walls of a museum or gallery. What's so "sad" or "bad" about that?!
      Painting in a studio is a solo sport and I used to get lonely when I was that painter. David Stark Design and Production is a TEAM sport and I lead the most extraordinary and talented teammates in the world. Our gang of designers, artists, and producers continue to raise the bar on events worldwide and bring over 15 years of creative innovation to our sport.
      My ideas come when least expected and from everywhere I turn: the drug store, a movie, my travels. I am a sketchbook keeper and a glue stick lover. I always have been. When I have an idea or see something really cool, I quickly jot it down or glue it in there. An idea may not find itself appropriate for an event for a year or so, but it incubates in my head and on the pages of my sketch book until the exact opportunity presents itself for exploration – a perfect fit. I always keep my camera close and when I am out in the world and see something cool I snap away. I am excited to now have this digital sketchbook to glue my snaps into and to share the inspiring stuff that makes us gush over here.
      The art we create at David Stark Design and Production is ephemeral.
      Parties generally last no more than six hours and while the end product is something that is often mind blowing, it is the PROCESS and creative journey that really makes me tick. At DavidStarkSketchBook, I look forward to sharing a window into that process and to use this blog to brainstorm, inspire innovation, and fuel the creative passion that keeps us coming back for more.
      Onward event warriors!

— David