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January 06, 2010


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Carly G. Lillwitz

Hi, Mr. Stark! I really appreciate your work and respect your mission here in the world of design! You obviously have found your niche in the ever-changing world of art. As an art student myself (frankly looking for some stability in life), I'm wondering what you look for in an employee. I'm currently studying Arts Management at Indiana University-Bloomington, with a minor in Fine Arts. The bittersweet reality of this major is that it translates into countless careers, but your company seems to have it all! Should I change my major to one with more focus? What attracts you to a possible employee? Got a little advice for a freshmen art student? :) Thanks for everything...


i'm so happy i found your blog and your site!

Eliana Tomas

just bumped into your blog! love it. your work is inspiring, your art is fulfilling.
it's great to find artists/designers that really combine what for me is so important it the creative world: details, simplicity and styling!
i've done myself a few event production and windows design for over 4 years back in portugal and i've to say i miss it a lot.
lovely to meet you David.

btw, happy new year.

david stark

HI everybody. Thanks for your hellos and kind comments. Keep on writing in and letting us know what you like, love, hate, and are inspired by. Means a lot to us.

And Carly: if you write in to info@davidstarkdesign.com, we'll happily answer any and all employment questions.

Happy New Year guys. Make some cool stuff in 2010.



Jeanne Cuddy-Peretz

WOW I have just been INSPIRED!!! I was on Design*Sponge wandering around and voila, your fun, exciting, creative website and faboulous protfolio was before me. Being a art school grad and now a chef I appreciate how a creative person can be anything. Cheers and to inspired 2010!

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